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  What Is an A.L.E. Reed Balancer?  An A.L.E. Reed Balancer is a small piece of 440 stainless steel designed and hand made with a super special edge. When used correctly, the Reed Balancer will remove small amounts of bamboo from the reed. This allows the reed to sit flat on the mouthpiece bed and increase the amount of vibration that the reed makes, as well as making it vibrate more evenly from the left and right sides. Most natural reeds do not play well from the manufacturer. This is not due to poor manufacturing but simply because of natural warping and the amount of moisture within the bamboo. With the A.L.E. Reed Balancer you can fine tune your reeds without the worries of damaging the reed or cutting yourself, since the special edge is not sharp to the touch and only removes small amounts of wood.  



  How does it Work?  Place the Reed Balancer at a 45 degree angle and drag forward with the grain, removing small amounts of wood shavings. You can go forward and back as many times as you like but remember only remove small amounts at a time and test your reed often.

You can always take wood off, but you can't put it back on!

Works the same on either side of the reed and both sides of the A.L.E. Reed Balancer will work to Balance your reed.  

To remove a a little extra.

Moisten the reed then use the A.L.E. Reed Balancer in the usual manor. 


  Why do i need one?   Reeds are not made perfect and they swell after playing them. The A.L.E. Reed Balancer is the only tool that leaves a perfect finish on a reed. It is school safe and travel safe. It allows you to make adjustments to your reed quickly and accurately. Fits easily in your case and while in its protective sleeve will not mark your instrument. Or simply get the A.L.E. leather key chain and you can have it with you protected and ready for use wherever you are.

  What are the benefits?   Better sounding & longer lasting reeds! Saves money and is safe to use.

  How long will it last?   The A.L.E. Reed Balancer is designed to last for years under normal and proper use. In the event that it should dull please see our Guarantee instructions.

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