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Marty Giaimo & Dominic Bianco being life long friends meeting at the age of 18.  Both have the same love for music. Still gigging and performing together.

     Marty is a Graduate of Manhattan School of Music and High School of Performing Arts.  Marty can play almost any wind instrument including Clarinet, All Saxophones,  Flute, Trumpet, Piano and Percussion. Marty has had the privilege and the opportunity to have studied with many famous musicians. 


      Dominic Studied Guitar and Vocals privately for over 10 years.  Dominic is the kind of person that can fix or build almost anything, including hand made guitars ( as seen in the picture), surgical instruments, kitchen knives, and custom cabinets.

     One night while on a gig Marty's saxophone reed started sounding awful,  Squeaking and doing all sorts of crazy things.  He put a new reed on but that one didn't work either. Then another and again it didn't work.  After a few minutes he finally found a reed that worked to his liking and then continued to finish out the song.  

      At the same time my son started studying the clarinet and was experiencing the same issues with his reeds.  It was at that moment I knew I had to figure out how to make all the reeds I purchased for my son to work.  

Together Marty and Dominic developed a simple tool that can adjust reeds fast and is very simple to use. It really works and...

"It's Cheaper Than a Box of Reeds !"

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